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27 gennaio 2005, giovedì

A turning point? (Un punto di svolta?)

Yesterday, the man behind the legal memo that justified the use of torture by the Government, became the nation's 80th attorney general. The Senate voted strictly along party lines, with all the Democrats opposed, and all the Republicans in favor.
I think that yesterday, without truly realizing it, we have passed a line. The professional and personal qualities of Alberto Gonzales are irrelevant in this context. They are completely secondary compared to the fact that he, and his appointment to that position, are a symbol. With yesterday's decision this country has said that the new approach to torture (and unlimited detention without being charged, and other things) was not a mistake. It was intentional and it gets reconfirmed. The person that devised the legal memo that justifies it just got promoted to the highest position, attorney general.
There are no consequences for now. This government will keep doing what it was already doing, and so the rest of the world.
But I'm sure that there will be long term consequences. A taboo has been broken. Something never did before has been done. It will now be much easier to do it again.
There are things that should never be done, not because of their intrinsic value, but because they move the bar and change the rules of the game.
Yesterday the game has changed.
This is really an Administration incapable of grasping the future. For all its talking about it and its grandiose plans.

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